Course Introduction

Thank you for beta testing the Intro to Weightlifting! 

The goal of this course is to help you feel what the Snatch and Clean movements are like without having to have perfect form. The idea is to experience a rough draft of the form without having to do it perfectly.

In essence, we are demystifying the experience of weightlifting to make it more simple and fun.

This isn’t just for bodybuilding. You’re not just pumping iron; you’re learning to dance with this weight. It involves grace and balance.

Through this course, I hope you learn that you don’t have to lift heavy to experience the joy of these movements.

Note: Please skip through the rest of the introduction sections as they are not complete for the beta. And I apologize for the sound fluctuations in some of the early videos. If you have feedback as you go through the course about information you think should be in the introduction section, please email me your thoughts!